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SEASONING COME WITH NEW SERIES!!! - The Brand New Vegetable Seasoning Powder

Vegetable stock is adapted widely in culinary world as it intensifies the essence of dishes taste. Earth Living Vegetable Seasoning Powder is well thought seasoning formula produced with selected fresh vegetables and other natural ingredients by using freeze dehydration technology. Thus preserving the original fresh pronounced vegetable stock taste, making less salt is used. Not only it is delicious in elrvating the umami flavor of dishes but enjoying your foods with peace of mind without worrying artificial flavors, preservatives & MSG in your meals is possible. 

Natural | No MSG | Low Sodium | Non Preservatives | Non Artficial Coloring | Non Anti-Caking Agent | Non Flavoring

Non Trans Fat | Deep Veg 'Umami' taste

Our Vegetable Seasoning very 'Umami' for:

Soups | Marinades | Stir Fries | Porridge | Dips & Suaces


NEW LAUNCHED IN THE RANGE!! - O'Pure Healthy Snack (Lentil, Quinoa & Chickpea)

How healthy we wish to be, we cannot refrain from the pleasure of snacking.

O’Pure innovates healthy snack without cease, today proudly presents the new launch of super and high nutrient values chips for your easy healthy snack-crave reach.


Processed naturally without any and modern synthetic additives from raw materials till finished product.

O’Pure is absolutely a guilt-free snack for all! Crave for snack, crave for O’Pure!


Natural, Non-MSG & No Trans Fat, Rare & Unique Supergrain Chips, High Fibre Digestive Chips,

Quality Ingredients Quality Nutrients, Outstanding Pureness, Crunch To The Last Bite , Absolutely 'Gluten-Free'


Hyperlicious Lentil Twist | Supergrain Quinoa Wavy Chips | Hummusly Chickpea Crisp

(Original | Tomato | Cajun Cheese | Cheese)



New Arrival - Raw Cane Amber Sugar Crystal

Earth Living is introducing another super crystal sugar to suit your dish preparations. Raw Amber Cane Sugar Crystal is a natural unrefined sugar made with pure raw cane juice. This beautifully crystallised sugar is started with molasses crystal needs that further enhance its nutrients value. It provides pleasant sweetness with smooth caramel notes to your drinks and desserts.

Suitable For:

Sweeten tea, coffee, smoothie and any beverages.

Chinese special dishes, soups and sweet dessert tong shui.

Break into desirable sized for dishes or baking decorations.

Use as rock candy like just any ‘on-the-go’ candy craving.

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