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VALUE BUY PACK!! Smaller Honey Size More Value with Free Mini Chia Seed

Pure Raw Unfiltered Unprocessed French Honey

Now smaller jar size for your easy carry and make your money more worthwhile following your consumption for different varieties of our honeys. They give different health virtures for different purpose of your health needs. We also guarantee you that our honey bees are not treated with antibiotic. Consume them with peace of mind. Crystallisation is signification of pure raw active honey.

1. Good For General Allergy : Flower Honey (Liquid) + Flower Honey (Creamy)

2. Good For General Allergy + Stress & Insomnia : Flower Honey (Liquid) + Sea Lavender Honey 

3. Good For General Allergy + Liver Health & Vigor : Flower Honey (Liquid) + Rosemary Honey

4. Good For General Allergy + Respiratory Flu/Cold : Flower Honey (Liquid) + Eucalyptus Honey

*All Combination Honey Come with Free Mini Chia Seed (50g)* 

*Quick Tips* 

Flower Honey (Liquid) : Mix with lemon for general health maintenance | Flower Honey (Creamy) : Mix with coconut oil for healthy vegan "kaya spread" | Sea Lavender Honey: Sip some whenever stress burdens in | Rosemary Honey: A"must" for smoker or late sleeper | Eucalyptus Honey: Swallow spoonful slowly to sooth infections


NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH!!! - An Innovation of Healthy Snacking


- Strawberry Yogurt Pillow & Chocolate Yogurt Pillow - 

Cereal pillow is in the trend as it gives a body munchy texture, liked by many nowadays. To enhance biscuit snacking a healthier one, this cereal pillow is not only a fibre-rich biscuit bite but coated with yogurt & enrobing delicious chocolate & strawberry paste, gives your snacking to another level of sensation. Munching this cereal pillow is a satisfaction guaranteed with digestive value. Not to miss!

GMO Free | Coloring Free | Artificial Additive Free | Artificial Flavoring Free


Ideal as cereal mix in milk, yogurt, kefir | Good munch as a snack | Quick hunger pang fix | Instant fiber intake

| Digestive Snack | Delicious munch | Crunch till you drop. 


NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH!! 100% Natural Handmade Dao Xiao Noodle

Dao Xiao noodle is a traditional noodle origins from Shanxi Province, China. Famous for its beautiful broad lacey shape making it so versatile in various noodle dish preparations. Earth Living's handmade Dao Xiao noodle is well researched by our team & fabricated in Malaysia. Worth the efforts which resulted the great 'mouth-feel' texture, it is a deliciously smooth & al-dente noodle till you cannot resist but to come back for more !


We present to you our 6 type of flavour dao xioa noodle

Classic | Purple Sweet Potato | Spinach | Shiitake Mushroom | Pumpkin | Carrot



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