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New Arrival - Raw Cane Amber Sugar Crystal

Earth Living is introducing another super crystal sugar to suit your dish preparations. Raw Amber Cane Sugar Crystal is a natural unrefined sugar made with pure raw cane juice. This beautifully crystallised sugar is started with molasses crystal needs that further enhance its nutrients value. It provides pleasant sweetness with smooth caramel notes to your drinks and desserts.

Suitable For:

Sweeten tea, coffee, smoothie and any beverages.

Chinese special dishes, soups and sweet dessert tong shui.

Break into desirable sized for dishes or baking decorations.

Use as rock candy like just any ‘on-the-go’ candy craving.


New Arrival Product - Non Sugar Added Fruit Jam & Nut Spread

The world is opting for less-sugar less-salt diet attitude these days, what’s more with more obesity & diabetes that relate to high sugar intake. Hence, sugar-free/non sugar added jam is highly demanded. Upon many requests Earth Living has imported one of the most French well-known and highly quality jams. Unlike many other sugar-free/non sugar added fruit jams in the market, these jams are guaranteed 100% fruits derived with no sugar, no preservatives, no additives.


Blueberry | Wild Blackberry | Strawberry | 4 Mixed Berries | 5 Citrus Fruits | Apricot


We also imported one of the most loved hazelnut-chocolate spread by all levels. This nut spread is made with French hazelnut & high quality cocoa giving its rich nutty-chocolatey taste. Most importantly, it doesn’t contain the saturated PALM OIL like other hazelnut chocolate spread in the market.


Hazelnut Cocoa Pure Spread


De-Alcoholised Wine With New Look!

 The world is getting popular demand for absolute zero-alcohol wine due to health-wise alcohol abstinence, religious, age alcohol-intolerance, bound social life, pregnancy, breast-feeding and sportsmen performance.

Using advance and expensive technology ’Spinning Cone Column’ to de-alcoholize, ‘couture’ to perfection for everyone. Pierre-Zero is an actual wine-based drink which was de-alcoholized to 0.0% alcohol and yet maintaining all of the goodness of the acclaimed wine’s virtue for the healthy heart and anti-aging properties. Imported non-alcoholic French Pierre-Zero wines. Earth Living is making possible to everyone, sparkling or still to suit your dining and entertaining in the chic and stylish way by


toasting that glass high and say ‘cheers’!


Sparkling White Wine | Sparkling Rose Wine | Still Red Wine | Still Rose Wine



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