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OATS PROMO - SUPER VALUE (Buy 2nd at 45%)


The recent economy inflation causes price-jack suffocate us to spend on healthy choices.Earth Living is making a BIG BREAKTHROUGH to help Malaysia's public. No need to refrain from maintaining your healthy regime. We are generous to charity partly by introducing this offer to the public.

Organic Instant Baby Oat - 2 For RM 14.80 Only (Pre Wrapped 500gx2)

Organic Regular Rolled Oat - 2 For RM 15.50 Only (Pre Wrapped 500gx2)

Our Oats Good For:

Oat Meal | Muesli | Bread | Cookies | Healthy Bar | Coating



Organic Raw Cane Sugar - Come In Small Size Now!

 Always wasted when bought in big size?

Now we make available to you the smaller size packaging for more low-sugar consume people.

Cane Sugar is concretely a healthier choice of sugar than any artificial unnatural sugar. Sugar cane juice is made into crystallised granulated form for our easier serving. It contains important nutrients and minerals required by certain body's functions. If one has to opt for sugar, opt for natural sugar as researchers have certified that artificial sugar can harm our body in long run. Earth Living's raw cane sugar has very pleasant sweetness due to its very minimal process and yet retain its nutrients richness.

So Versatile For:

~ Sweetening tea, coffee and other beverages.

~ Food marinations, caramels, sauces, and meat glazes.

~ Good choice for pudding, bakery and dessert preparations.

~ Excellent choice for food conerves and chutneys.


Soft Pre-Launch Powder Beverage & Oats Sachet

So unreal to be true?  Yes.. your eyes didn't lie, we make it possible for you to consume anywhere you are.


Can you believe? Combo bag with mix of varieties of powder to suit your mood & desire. Yes, we dare to offer you in such fantastic format to make you happy. What's more our famous oats are also inside for your hunger-pang emergency to mix in the delicious beverage. A quick-fix meal to sustain your satiety in the rush-rush world today. A convenient in a no-mess sachet that can accompany wherever you are whenever you need. The pleasure of satisfaction sipping on-the-go is possible now!!


Whats's Inside?

High Calcium Oat Milk (28g) | Almond Powder (28g) | Quantum 28 (28g) | Black Sesame (28g) |

Chocolate Soy Milk (28g) | Instant Baby Oat (30g) | Regular Rolled Oat (30g) | Caramel Honey Toasted Oat (30g) 


What's Inside?

Millet Milk (28g) | Walnut & Hazelnut (28g) | Black Sesame & Black Bean (28g) |

Hi-Protein Soy Milk (28g) | Purple Sweet Potato (28g) | Instant Baby Oat (30g) | Regular Rolled Oat (30g) | Honey Toasted Oat (30g)

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